The Science of Music Therapy

There are a number of studies and research projects which draw attention to the medical benefits of listening to and playing music. Whilst Song For You does not seek to practice music therapy we are utterly convinced of the positive impact music can have and endorse the music therapy profession.  The links below will take you to a selection of resources and research but if you would like more information on the science behind music therapy and how it relates to the Song For You project please do get in touch

The British Association for Music Therapy is the preeminent source for information on the subject in the UK. 

Nordoff Robbins is the leading music therapy charity in the UK - their website is packed with information.

The American Music Therapy Association website hosts a wealth of information about music therapy.
Wikipedia Article on Music Therapy with various further reading and reference material. 
Music Therapy in Dementia Care brings together essays on music therapy by 11 eminent physicians.